Boys keep swinging!


I usually witter on about harm reduction but today I have sex on my mind. What brought that on you may ask? Oddly enough it was an article in Alive, an Irish catholic monthly magazine. It’s a free thing left in the porches of churches and in fairness, it isn’t that bad. It’s well laid out, legible and the writing is articulate enough to get its point across.

However the point it’s making is usually, how to phrase this?  Mental conservative catholicism that harkens back to the mythical 50’s. A time when the church ruled, women knew their place and all was well with the world. Of course, the reality was nothing like this apart from the church ruling us with an iron fist.

This tweet brought an article to my attention;

Men no longer know how to man up

Thanks Alan, you got me thinking!

The full thing is available online here;

Men no longer know how to man up Show yourself a man – part 1

Now I’m not opposed to anyone wondering about men and their role in society, it’s a common enough topic. From crisis in masculinity articles in broadsheets, to how to be a real man in click bait tabloids, everyone is having a go. So why shouldn’t Fr Brian McKevitt OP join in the fun, or me for that matter!! I’m only surmising Fr Brian is the author of the piece as it under the heading Editor’s Jottings and Fr Brian is the editor. If it’s someone else I apologise but you should have put your name to it.

This crisis receives little attention from politicians, scholars, the media or the Church,

Well as I’ve pointed out this issue receives a lot of attention from scholars and the media,I’m not sure politicians would help matters and the fact that Alive has the issue in its editorial section gives lie to the last claim. In fact here’s Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke speaking about it.

“Man-crisis” and what to do about it

But the family today is under attack as never before in history, due principally to the failure of men to be men, to man up to their responsibilities.

Oh ,so it’s men’s fault we don’t man up to our responsibilities. Better fix that. I wonder what these are so I can ‘man up’? It’s not specified in the article but there is some less than specific stuff about serious responsibilities for all the members, especially parents, to defend and foster love. To care and support the family. I suppose this is where we men are failing. Or is it? Exactly what is so different about men now from 100 years ago that causes a crisis in manning up? Damned if I can see it. Men have always been a mixture of good and bad, they range from misogynistic bullies to caring nurturing individuals who sacrifice for their families. Pretty much the same as women come to think of it, the difference is now a woman who gets stuck with the former example doesn’t have to put up with it. Good. The duds no longer can count on the support of society to remain duds, the crisis seems to be that the ones who never manned up are now cast adrift. About time.

But wait! It’s not men’s fault at all, it a plot!

It is engineered by the State and by many other agencies promoting an irrational individualistic ideology.

Huh? The state is engineering the destruction of the family and causing a crisis in masculinity which is being ignored? Is this for real? How is the state achieving this failure of men to be men, to man up to their responsibilities? Perhaps he means by facilitating women not to have to suffer what they must, to be able to pursue careers, to remain single if they choose, to marry whom they love.  Equality be damned, it’s all an evil plot to destroy the family. Unlike when women had to retire from work on marriage, couldn’t have a bank account in their own name, and ended up in Magdalen laundries. And why? What’s in it for them?

Would you ever cop on, man up and grow up!



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