Was drink involved?

We all make mistakes, sometimes we are just under too much pressure, say a deadline we can’t make. So we just scribble some stuff and hope it gets by in the mix. I’ve done it lots of times and in fairness gotten away with it almost as often. I imagine if I were asked to make a presentation to a room full of academics at a conference I would pay some attention to what I was doing, spend long hours writing my presentation, checking it’s facts and rechecking. If notice was short I might dig out an old presentation and rejig it’s content, nothing radical and the safest option.

Well I’m never going to be asked to do this so I’m guessing at what might have happened, trying to find excuses for this;

I came across this on twitter when the ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation held their 12’th annual conference.


They Invited Stanton Glantz as the keynote speaker. His presentation E-CIGARETTES: BACK TO THE FUTURE included the above slide. I have no idea what the entirety of his presentation was and tbf I may be misrepresenting him …No I’m not. Fuck it. The man is a danger to public health at this stage. For the last few years his output has been abysmal. Deeply flawed and unfit for publication. Not even mentioning his ‘me too’ moment. I, for the life of me, cannot figure why Ottawa thought he was the best option to make the keynote presentation. Which is why I harbor the suspicion the real speaker became unavailable and Stan was asked to stand in at the last moment hence his ridiculous bullet points. Note what atendeed would learn at the end of the presentation!

Of course their is another option, Stan was pissed out of his head.

Let’s look at that slide, “Combustion is not as important as we though” Oh for fuck sake! How in the name of all that holy can he make that claim? Everything we know about tobacco tells us that combustion, the burning of tobacco leaves is the reason tobacco causes most of the damage. This is not in dispute, it’s not even up for debate. Nothing comes close to combustion for creating a cocktail of carcinogenic chemicals. And not just in cigarettes, burning a piece of toast has the same result, burning fuel to heat your house, it’s why we have chimneys. How does he not get this? If I were PMI I would be using this on our government mandated warnings. “Tobacco causes several fatal illnesses but smoking isn’t as important as we used to think, smoke ’em if you got ’em”

Promoting progression to cigarettes” More evidence free claims. If this were true we would see a rise in smoking prevalence, we don’t ergo it’s false. Stan is just saying stuff at this stage. Not exactly a new thing for him but as part of a keynote speech, he should at least try to be somewhat circumspect in his claims. That way they can’t be dismissed as easily as I just did.

All look, sure what’s the point of going through this bullshit, Stan gona Stan and nothing we can do. However the real issue is that Stan got to Stan and got paid handsomely to do so by the UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA HEART INSTITUTE who don’t seem to have a fucking clue what evidence based means. They claim they follow ‘evidence based smoking cessation treatment protocols‘ and yet here they are giving a platform to this charlatan. Why? are they stupid? Are they so enamoured of Stans reputation? his anti smoking one not, the other one.

Could it be that the OMSC is compromised in it’s ability to judge vaping? If they claim that industry corrupts evidence by funding even at third hand, how can they remain impartial and evidence based when they are funded by pharma?

To add insult to injury OMSC then proceded to block anyone tweeting contradictions to this garbage.


Ironic as one of the commitments of OMSC is;

To acknowledge people as the main health resource; to support and enable them to keep themselves, their families and friends healthy through financial and other means, and to accept the community as the essential voice in matters of its health,”

Fuck ’em and the horse they dragged Stan in on would be the easiest reaction. But OMSC is a big deal and we can’t ignore them, well we can but health departments won’t. We have to continue to refute rubbish like this and in doing so make OMSC seem idiotic which is a pity, because OMSC should be our allies and friend.Instead they have chosen to be the enemy. Not our doing and not iridemiable. The growing body of evidence is on our side and eventually OMSC will have to admit ” Stan was drunk! What can we say” by way of apology as they ask us for help.

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